Access Control Systems

Access Control & Electronic
Locks Baltimore MD

As technology changes and gets more advanced, so do the devices with which business owners protect their businesses. Many are turning to access control systems and electronic keyless entry systems as a more advanced secured entry option that puts the owners and managers mind at a bit ease.

Keyless access control systems offer many benefits to business owners and managers. You no longer have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands, employees sneaking in to your building after hours without you knowing, or having to rekey your locks every time a key is misplaced or in possesion of an ex-employee.
Here at Tri-State Locksmith, we offer a variety of access control system options along with our keyless door locks & installation service. We are here to help you in protecting your business and helping you take advantage of newer technologies.

We know that every business is different, and that every client has different needs when it comes to security. In order to meet the needs of every customer, our access control specialists will customize your options to ensure that you are protected. Our experts will assist you in choosing the right options for your particular business needs.

Card Access
Control System

You can completely erase the hassle of carrying keys with a card access control system. A card access control system comes with many benefits that simplify security:

  • Information about who entered the building and when.
  • Add or delete users without affecting any other users.
  • Specific times can be set that certain cards will work.
  • Prevent unwanted employee access to certain areas of your building.
  • Decrease risks of employee theft.
  • Cards can be set up with a master system, giving owners and managers access at all times, but limiting employee access to certain hours.
  • Limit who can enter which room of your building and when.

The benefits of installing a card access system go on and on. Call us today to discuss all the ways we can help to make your business more secure.

Commercial Electronic
Keypad Locks

Another security option for businesses is commercial electronic keypad locks. Set different codes for each individual employee, change codes to limit access from unwanted users, and determine who came and went from your building at all times.
Many commercial electronic keypad locks are not hard-wired, giving you the following benefits:
Less expensive

Access through doors even during power outages
Easily replaced batteries

Most commercial electronic keypad locks have the option to override with a key during an emergency.

Commercial Electronic
Keypad Lever Combo

This combo is available with or without capabilities for proximity. With a commercial electronic keypad lever combo, you get all the benefits from the commercial electronic keypad locks, along with proximity readers that allow certain users to use a code, access fob or access card to get in to your building.

Manual Commercial
Keypad Locks

This is the perfect option for smaller businesses. With manual commercial keypad locks, you can change your code any time you fear someone has access to it that shouldn’t. With no electronics, there is no worry about hard-wiring the system or changing batteries. There are several models of manual commercial keypad locks:

  • Storeroom – Door locks every time.
  • Deadbolt – Leave doors unlocked during certain time periods.
  • Knob and Deadbolt – Both options combined in one.

A manual commercial electronic keypad lever combo is perfect for the small business or home office that needs to be protected.

Intercom Systems

We also offer a large selection of intercom systems for business owners. Our goal is to put together the perfect security system for your building. We’ll help you choose from our large selection of high quality products and options.