Commercial Doors

Commercial Door Repair

When it comes to commercial door repair, Maryland businesses trust Tri-State Locksmith because we are a full-service, licensed, and insured company. Call today to speak to a member of our staff.

A hotel manager in Baltimore City and/or D.C. accommodates thousands of people a year if not more. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the facility is fully-operational and equipped with everything necessary to give his or her guests an amazing experience. What happens when an emergency fire door is not working properly? Not only is it in violation of fire codes, but it is a potentially dangerous situation for the guest and employees alike. The manager wants the best of the best on the job and that’s when they call in Tri-State Locksmith.

We will either repair the door if possible or replace it with a new one if necessary in the shortest amount of time of time possible. Our supply warehouse is stocked and ready for just such emergency situations so if your business is in need of emergency door repair, we are ready to take care of it.

Call today to speak with our expert staff members and schedule a repair appointment.

Commercial Door Replacement

We can not only meet and exceed your installation and repair needs, we also offer a wide variety of door materials to choose from. Hollow metal, aluminum, steel, fiberglass and wood doors are all available depending on what your specific needs are and what type of look you want for your business. Our skilled professional installers can rebuild most of your floor, overhead and surface closers to ensure the best fit and maximum security of your business.

If you need to make your business compliant with American Disabilities Act, talk to our staff to find out how we can help bring you into compliance with beautiful yet cost efficient door.

Our Sales and Service experts are all available to make sure your new door needs are met along with ensuring that your maintenance and repair needs are also met to your satisfaction.
For experienced and fast commercial door repair, Maryland and D.C. business owners trust Tri-State Locksmith for our reliable and prompt service. Call us today to schedule a repair or to get a free estimate.