Security Safe Services

Security Safes

Safes help to keep your valuables safe and out the reach of would be thieves, however, many things can go wrong with a safe. We provide safe services in Maryland, DC, and NOVA areas. Not all problem with safes arise from malfunctioning lock, more often it is the owner forgetting the combination. But regardless of the problem Tri-State Locksmith can help you get back inside your security safe. If you have forgotten the combination our safe technicians can unlock it for you or if you misplaced the key we can help with that too.

In addition to opening safes we also provide safe repair and moving services as well. So if your electronic key pad on your safe decides to start not responding or runs out of battery you can count on us to get back to normal operation. Rarely the mechanisms inside the safe can also go bad preventing it from opening or closing, but we got you covered for that too. Because there are many different safe manufacturers that employ many different designs there is no uniform price for opening or repairing a safe.

Safe Opening & Moving Services

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Safe opening

One of the most common problem people experience with their safe is losing the combination or code. Tri-State Locksmith offers safe opening services for all types of safes.

Safe Moving

Tri-State Locksmith is proud to be one of the more experienced safe moving companies in Baltimore, MD.


Now that you have purchased a safe chances are you will need to have the safe installed if it is more than just a lock box.