Car Alarm

Car Alarm Installation
Baltimore MD

A car alarm is designed to help ward off would be car theives from getting away in your vehicle. These often overlooked systems can and have helped many cars from being stolen by emmiting a high pitched sound attracting attention to the vehicle.

Even though car theft is not high in your neighborhood you still need a car alarm because your car does not just sit in front of your house. And even if you don’t travel much outside of safe areas, there is no guarantee that car theives will only steal cars from the high risk areas. Nowadays car alarms are a necesity not a luxury.

Our technician will work with you to figure out the best options for your vehicle and your budget. We can install a car alarm on just about any automobile make and model whether your car came with one from the factory or not.

Car Alarm Remotes

In addition to being able to install a new car alarm in your vehicle, we can also repair a lot of things that can go wrong with one with top of the list being lost remote controls. It can happen to the best of us, while out and about your remote just disappears and you can’t locate it anywhere even after tracing back your steps.

Our locksmith techs are very familiar with replacement of lost remotes as it happens more often than you think. We can come out to you quickly, even with a short notice, and provide you with a replacement remote and program it to work with your car. Don’t go another day leaving your car unprotected, get your replacement remote today, it’s a lot cheaper to replace than a car.

Features to Consider When
Shopping for a car alarm

  • Glass Break – This is an audio based sensor that responds with a loud siren and flashing lights when a window is broken on a vehicle.
  • Impact Detection – This feature utilizes a sensor that detects impact from another vehicle or a person trying to break in and draws attention to the vehicle with flashing lights and siren.
  • Tilt Sensor – This is a must have feature if you have expensive tires or wheels on your vehicle, this sensor will sound off the alarm when a car is jacked up while system is armed.
  • Ignition Cutt-off – This feature will not allow a car to start without the proper fob being either inserted or within a pre-determined range.
  • Vehicle Tracker – This feature utilizes GPS to track a stolen vehicle in real time and therefore making recovery much more likely.
  • Proximity Sensor – This sensor is pretty cool added feature, it will detect persons within a defined distance from a vehicle and warn them to stay away or siren will go off.