Residential Door Repair

Residential Doors

Tri-State Locksmith provides comprehensive residential door repair & installation services in Baltimore & surrounding areas. Over time your interior and specially exterior home doors can be in need of some TLC. Weather, wind, and sun can damage any surface regardless of how tough it may be and the hinges can start to sag with time.

Not only does a door provide functionality in your home, it is also part of the whole aesthetics of the house. A door in disrepair can actually ruin the look of your entire home and put a damper on it’s curb appeal. In addition your home’s exterior doors play a major role in temperature regulation and energy usage.

With a properly functioning and looking door, not only do you increase the security but also the perceived value of the home. Our highly trained door repair technicians can work with all types of residential doors whether wood, metal, or glass.

Types of doors we repair & install

  • Interior doors
  • Exterior doors
  • Storm doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Closet doors
  • Cellar doors
  • Security doors
  • and more

Types of Door Repairs

Your home doors can be damaged in many different ways depending on the door location and the material it is made of. No matter the type of damage your door has sustained our door repair techs are equipped and ready to deal with it.

Whether your door has a dent or a hole in it or it simply is not working properly because it’s sticking or dragging, we can get it back in shape. We can also repair your door jambs, locks, or patch rotting wood sections and screens.

We provide door repairs for:
  • Rotting wood
  • Holes & dents
  • Air leakage
  • Door jamb repair
  • Broken or damaged lock
  • Screen & Glass repair
  • Squeaking & dragging
  • Broken or damaged hinges
  • Stuck doors
  • and much more

Professional Door Repair Service

Tri-State Locksmith’s door repair technicians are highly skilled and hold certifications for much more complex commercial doors. Our technicians are always looking to help you save money by providing repairs if at all possible instead of suggesting a replacement.

We are a licensed Maryland company with over 90 years of combined experience in door repair and installation. All of our work, including parts and labor, comes with a warranty to help you ease your mind that repairs provided by us are rock solid. Call now for a free estimate for your next door project or repair.