Broken Key Extraction

Over time keys can become weaker from repeated use and twisting and break off in the cylinder. Most of the times you will have a little lip hanging out that you can pull on using a pair of pliers or a similar tool to pull the key out.

However, sometimes you may not be as lucky and the key will not have any part sticking out from cylinder that you can grab to pull it out. As locksmiths we specialize in extracting keys that may seem impossible to get out.

Our locksmith technicians can get that key out of your cylinder without damaging the lock. Whether it is a car key, house key, or a high security lock on a commercial building, we can extract it out for you. We can also cut you a new key to work that lock in case that was your only key for that lock.

If you have a key that broke off in your vehicle, home, or business lock, give us a call now to get a locksmith dispatched out to you immediately.