Door Repair

Commercial/Residential Door Repair Baltimore MD

Tri-State Locksmith in Baltimore, MD offers comprehensive door repair and replacement solutions for both residential and commercial clients in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Our door repair technicians are trained to throughly inspect your door to determine if can be repaired safely. If the door can not be safely repaired, we offer doors to fit every shape, style, and buget for both commercial and residential door replacement.

If you’re planning to replace a door, one of your primary concerns will certainly involve cost and or quality of the product. Tri-State Locksmith can send an estimator to you to evaluate the door shape and size, discuss the options available and provide you a free estimate for the replacement or repair. Without any pressure, they’ll help choose the door that is right for you. Call or Contact Us online to schedule a free onsite estimate!

Door Repair

We provide repair for any doors in your home from the home entry doors to home interior and security doors for homes. Our technicians can repair any of you doors in your home, they also can help you re-enforce any door in your home.

Door Repair

Tri-State locksmith offers repair for all types of commercial doors from store front entry to roll down doors. Our technicians are well versed in repairing all types of doors whether they are automatic or manual.


Door locks tend to need repair more often than the door itself in most cases. Our techs can repair almost any lock, however if you need replacement our techs can also handle install/repair that with no problem.


Glass doors offer visibility and let in more natural light but glass can easier than other materials. We can replace the glass and also provide alignment and adjustments to prevent more serious damage to the door.

Glass Doors

Our door repair techs can troubleshoot and repair your sliding glass door for your store fast and effectively. Our techs can be dispatched right away in case of an emergency or we can schedule you for next available spot.


With automation comes convenience but not without a friend called technology, which can act up at times. Our techs can troubleshoot the problem and quickly repair your door to it’s perfect working condition.


Revolving doors are a perfect solution for when you have high traffic and still want some security while being efficient. We can repair and replace almost any revolving door no matter who installed it originally.


Wood doors can add a lot of character to the entrance while still being durable and relatively low maintenance. But when a problem does occur you can rest assured that our technicians can have it back to normal operation.

Exit Devices and
Panic Bars

Exit devices and panic bars are required in certain types of buildings for security of the people inside. Our technicians can repair or replace your panic device in no time and have you back in compliance with the local code.

Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are preferred in applications requiring enhanced security and/or fire resistance. Our techs deal with these on a daily basis and are very familiar with their repair and replacement process.