Safe Moving Service

Need a Safe Moved?

Tri-State Locksmith is proud to be one of the more experienced safe moving companies in Baltimore, MD. We provide this service in Maryland, DC, and NOVA areas and specialize in moving large safes without causing damage to property. Our experts can move your gun, jewelry, or security safes in and out of your residence or office building without a problem.

Moving safes can be a very daunting task and it is not just because how heavy a safe can be but also because all of the valuables inside that can get damaged if not handled properly. We take extra precautions to ensure that all your valuables along with the safe arrive to the new location free of any damage.

Heavy safes require that you have the proper equipment to lift and move them to prevent injury and damage. A regular moving company for your home or office will not have the proper equipment in most cases to move your safe in a safe manner.

Let Us Move Your Safe

Moving by itself is quite a stressful and a back breaking process and when you add a 15,000 lbs safe to it, it becomes much more risky. Our technicians can come out and unbolt your safe and safely move it from your old location to the new one and bolt it down properly.

Move Your Safe Without Damage

One of the most important things to keep in mind when moving a safe is whether you or the company can do it without causing damage to your property, self, or the safe itself. We have been called to many sites where the movers just either gave up or caused major damage because of inexperience. Our safe moving experts take extra care to not damage your hardwood floors, stairs, and walls in the process.